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In 2022, as many as 59% of small and medium-sized polish companies were a target of a cyber attack*

Trust the experts to keep you safe

You don't have to be a bank or an international corporation to be targeted by hackers. Security is not only a problem for the IT department, and the attack usually starts with the weakest link (e.g. an administrative employee). The most vulnerable are small and medium-sized enterprises, which have huge deficiencies in security against cyberattacks.  

Threat to business

Security Snapshot

Assessment of the IT security level in your company.


Penetration tests detecting vulnerabilities and system vulnerabilities to attacks.

NIS2 directive

Prepare your company for new EU cybersecurity requirements.

ISO 27001 certification

Increase the credibility of your company and gain trust among your customers.

IT security training

Ensure IT security awareness in your team. People can often be the weakest link.

Our team consists of experts with many years of experience, different skillsets, but a common goal: information security. Define your needs and we'll develop, implement and verify an IT security plan dedicated to your company, both offensive and defensive.


We know that data security is the key to the development of your business. This is a very valuable key, so do not entrust it to random people! Our credibility is confirmed by numerous certificates of our team members, including GIAC Information Security Professional, GIAC Certified Incident Handler, Internal Auditor of The ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001), CEH, CQURE, Lead ISO 22301&27001, OSWE, OSCP, CRTO, CRTP, CRTE, eWPTXv2, eMAPT, eWPTv1, AZ-900, OSCP, eXtreme, PenTest+.

IT security specialists

Define risks

Security Snapshot is a proposal for a quick assessment of the security level of your business. It is addressed to companies that have not previously focused on IT security aspects, but are aware of growing threats. For those who have already implemented appropriate security measures, this is an opportunity to review current practices, analyze architecture, infrastructure and key processes, and obtain suggestions for improvement.

Find out what level you are at


  • A thorough assessment of your organization's security posture.

  • In-depth analysis of architecture, infrastructure, key processes and sensitive data.

Check for threats
  • Look at your company's security through the eyes of a potential attacker.

  • Do SBOM Control Tools Really Work for You?

Get recommendations
  • Receive a concise report with specific proposals to strengthen the protection of your company.

Security Snapshot

Identify and repair

Penetration testing, also known as PENTEST, is an effective way to assess the level of security by detecting vulnerabilities and vulnerable points. We analyze the application's resistance to possible attacks to guarantee the security of your data and customers. Don't put yourself at risk - rely on our experience and protect your company against growing threats in cyberspace.

Web application tests
  • We check all vulnerabilities in the web application that they may cause service interruption, unwanted authorization and other configuration errors.

Cloud infrastructure assessment
  • We test resistance to unauthorized access and potential escalations.

Comprehensive reporting
  • Gain insight into our results and benefit from expert recommendations.


Strengthen your market position and trust

Obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate will enable you to stand out in the industry, increase trust among your recipients and confirm your concern for the protection of their information. We ensure that your company will be properly prepared to conduct an audit in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. It is worth investing in ISO 27001 certification because it not only increases the credibility of your company, but also raises security and data protection standards, which is crucial in today's digital world.

Security audit
  • Determine which ISO 27001:2022 measures have already been implemented.

A tailored course of action
  • Follow a clear direction towards full ISO 27001 compliance.

Checklist verification
  • Answer targeted questions to verify existing controls in various

ISO 27001 certification

We know how valuable your time is. We ensure good contact before, during and after the service.

Effective communication

We offer support regardless of the location of your company. We ensure the availability and high quality of our services, no matter where you are.

Global service

The cyber world is becoming more complicated day by day. When preparing the offer, we take into account the latest trends and update threat plans.

The latest know-how

Our reports combine substantive precision with readability of information, so that they are understandable to everyone.

Transparent analysis

Together, we determine and adapt the service to the needs of your company.
Thanks to this, you receive a "tailor-made" product.

100% of your needs

Get the know-how

Failure to update passwords or one password for many accounts, clicking on random links, visiting suspicious websites, and even sending sensitive data (e.g. medical) without encryption. The list of potential sins of your company's employees is long and grows with the development of technology. Make sure that all members of your team are aware of threats in the IT world in advance.

Examples of the training topics

  • Secure infrastructure management

  • Automation in DevSecOps security

  • Fraud and phishing attacks

  • Disaster recovery

  • Incident and vulnerability management

  • Windows security and protection

  • Incident Response Plan and Team (SIRP/SIRT)

  • Business continuity planning


Prepare for changes

The NIS 2 directive, due to be implemented in 2024, is an EU set of guidelines that establishes strict cybersecurity rules for various sectors in EU countries. Early implementation and application of this directive can give you a competitive advantage by increasing your reputation and building trust with customers, which in turn can contribute to increased profitability.

Initial examination


  • Determine whether your company is obliged to comply with the NIS 2 directive.

Detailed verification

  • Assess existing security measures against NIS 2 guidelines.

Tailored action plans

  • Aim for full NIS 2 compliance, supported by our updated and refined checklists.

NIS2 directive

Make an appointment and let's define your needs. We will prepare an individual IT security offer for your company.

Respond to the threats today!

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